10 Quick Home Maintenance Tips

Home maintenance isn’t limited to fixes. In fact, certain tasks–when performed regularly–may actually prevent things from breaking in the initial place. But when things do make a mistake (and it’s unavoidable that they do), we’ve got some backup plans that you could try before you decide to carry the phone to call for pro. Appliances and plumbing would be the most typical offenders, but they also often could possibly be the most straightforward to care for. From the rain gutters to the living room carpet, there is a reliable way of keeping every aspect of your house clean, safe, and well maintained.


The fastest fix would be to do not have the problem in the first place. Here is a checklist of items every homeowner should get to frequently.


1. Test out your garage door opener monthly to make sure that it reverses if this hits a blockage or when its sensor beam is interrupted.


2. Vacuum the clothes dryer exhaust duct one or more times a year. In the event the duct is plastic, change it (it’s a fire hazard). Rigid sheet-metal ducting is best.


3. Substitute furnace filters quarterly, or as suggested by the furnace manufacturer.


4. Test all GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets month-to-month. Push the test button and employ a voltage tester to ensure the power beeps.


5. Clean leaves and debris from the condenser of a central air conditioning unit seasonally.


6. Once a year, vacuum the refrigerator coils underneath the appliance.


7. Have the fireplace chimney inspected and cleaned annually.


8. Inspect window and door caulking and weather stripping yearly.


9. Replace the batteries in smoke detectors yearly. And remember, even recent hard-wired smoke detectors have backup batteries that must be replaced. If you have never checked yours, do so.


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